I dislike (loathe) PUA, but I love Romance

There’s a horribly obvious distinction between those two to one knowledge of attraction intelligence.


Evaluation of Now-Extinct PUA Systems

Every system after “1.” is rubbish.  those listed as “1.” are worthy of respect but ultimately marketing drivel.

1.  Ross Jeffries and SpeedSeduction- Respectable because he’s imho (and afaik) the First PUA dude.  Bollocks, however, because treats courtship as-if a man were a deceitful salesman
1.  Mystery (Erik Von Markovitch) and Mystery Method – Respectable because of seemingly decent intentions and elaborate and comprehensive system involving  human interests and darwinian urges.  Rubbish, however, because it, again, is just marketing aimed at horny men.
——– all other systems are rubbish not worthy of respect
2.  Tyler Durden and Real Social Dynamics (RSD)
3.  Savoy and LoveSystems.

Instead of that drivel, try this for efficacy.

My Romantic Protocol – The CTR Schematic

Important First Thoughts

I have devised this bit of social code not do ‘start some new wave of pua’ or anything of that sort. In fact, I have read, experimented with (successfully (f-closes) and unsuccessfully) RSD, Mystery Method, Love Systems, and other pua techiques and systems and dislike all of them and the entire pua community. It’s inherently toxic, degrading is merely the outcome of men marketing ‘cures to hornines’ to less-confident men. Therefore, this is NOT pua. Instead, it is sharing and crystallizing a schematic for my own romantic protocol.

I call it ‘Crit’ for CTR. This may sound silly, but it is an accurate analogy: just as CPR (cardio-pulmonary recussitation) jumpstarts your physical heart muscle, CTR jumpstarts your love life, your abilities to activate chemistry, prove trust, and enjoy romance! CTR is an acronym symbolizing Chemistry, Trust, and then Romance in that sequence. One may observe the superficial (but inherently their is no congruence) similarity to Attraction-Comfort-Seduce from the Mystery Method model, but my schematic is truly and genuinely nothing of the sort. Although I believe Mystery (Erik von Markovitch) had good intentions, the Mystery Method is inherently flawed and demoralizing to a)men b)women and c)a viable heterosexual relationship. Women can be ‘comfortable’, but not trust you and trust is prerequisite for good sex and a necessary foundation for any decent relationship. Additionally the ‘attraction’ phase had the milieu of a fisherman casting a lure as bait and was incredibly removed and inhuman. Finally, seducing is something a pedophile does or that someone obsessd with power does; good sex is impossible with mere ‘seduction’. In short, the Mystery Method was about ‘catching and f-closing women as if they were some kind of animal’. My schematic is a proper protocol for romance. I will go as far to say that is a royal schematic because it is honest, respectful, genuine, and only works with people whom are intrinsically sexually interested in each other (i.e. you can’t use my Crit schematic to f-close a woman that wouldn’t want to normally have sex with you, which will always be incompatible; other systems deviated from this. Despite crit being a royal schematic it is effective. There is no royal road to geometry is an adage and my schematic operates on that principle as well, meaning, while it is elegant, it will only be effective with relationships that are genuinely compatible.

Here are the details of my Crit schematic.


Chemistry can mean a lot of things. It can mean butterflies of attraction in the stomach. It can mean she is enticed, interested, impressed, or focused on you. Chemistry is not curiosity. Curiosity is something that a woman has about someone whom she probably doesn’t trust inherently and besides, curiosity is often removed and too distant from the passionate chemistry needed for this bracket. Chemistry can be created or shattered by things you say, wear, and/or do. But that is not to say you must communicate with trepidation or to say that chemistry is fleeting and ephemeral. Chemistry is dynamic. Other systems force fed women lines with weasel phrases. That is self-marketing and not chemistry. You can be charming, posh, and reserved and also loud, boisterous, and exciting and still have chemistry with a woman. A woman can see you in a venue and instantly have chemistry. With some women and some relationships (depending on your personality and interests and habits) chemistry occurs only after a lengthy conversational interaction. The timespan for the chemistry bracket is between 5 minutes and 5 hours (but really the maximum duration is infininite because I woman can experience chemistry to you and you her for many years but neither you nor her has evolved and mobilized to the next bracket of Trust.

Notes: Before moving onto the trust bracket, some reflective notes are in order. Again, although my schematic may share a superficial verisimilitude to pua systems, my schematic is so incomparably different, I no longer even bother comparing my Crit schematic to pua. You’ll note I didn’t provide a handful of ‘lines’ to say to a woman for the chemistry bracket. That is deliberate. Why? How? You may ask? How can a chemistry bracket explanation be complete without some ‘lines to say to a woman’? Obviously (and smack yourself upside the head for not realizing this), because my schematic is (again unlike all pua systems and this is the last mentioning of those) definitively 100% NOT cold-calling women! You aren’t some tycoon womanizer trying to use social snares to dupe women into banging you. With my schematic a man is not trying to sell anything or win anything. My schematic simply activates chemistry, then proves trust, and finally shares romance.

Verification Thought: The mind-code you generate in this bracket is “I am sexually interested in you.” More on that verification thought checkpoint later.


Trust is with 100% certainty the most important bracket. If I were to set a percentage of value of significance on the three brackets, Chemistry and Romance would compose 25% each of the schematic with trust being 50% (half) of the entire protocol.

The ginormous difference between trust and comfort occurred to me recently. Before this event I had no distinguishing comprehension of the difference between trust and comfort. After the event I became completely aware that comfort is trivial and trust is vital. The event was simple but invaluably illuminating. Was at a pub. Two people whom knew each other were at the pub, male and female. The pub was closing so I invited them both over for a drink. The male declined and said he had to meet someone for another drink. The woman evaded the question. I asked again within a few minutes and she evaded, shifting the conversation. Finally, considerably later after having conversation with other people I politely inquired a third time noting that she hadn’t answered. She said, courteously, most any other girl would (which is not true because not everyone trusts you all the time), but said she didn’t trust me. That was remarkably helpful. I think she feared it as insulting, but it wasn’t. That was so invaluably helpful! It truly was. I instantly realized that a woman has to trust a man. I have had women whom have trusted me instantly and even had sexual relations with a woman whom didn’t trust me (although I thought they did). Comfort is pitifully trival. A woman can be in her familiar local bar with her favourite drink and a song she likes on the radio and feel ‘comfortable’. Trust is about you and her only.

Each bracket has an outcome train of thought, a checkpoint of the mind, that the woman thinks and feels. Chemistry’s verification thought was ‘I find you sexually interesting’ or merely ‘I like you.’ to be incredibly simplistic. Trust’s thought phrase is ‘I feel safe with you.’ As you can see, successfully completing the trust bracket is a true accomplishment and really a deep and potent compliment to whom you are as a man. Anyone can bang or screw whomever they want, but many of such hook-ups don’t even enter the radar of trust, of ‘I feel safe with you.’ The trust bracket is rich and you can see why its significance holds 50% of the entire schematic. Upon completing the trust bracket you will have completed 75% of the schematic.


The Romance bracket is the most fun of all, but again, it is only 25% of the entire schematic, and it is only fun because of the ginormous mileston acheived from the 50% trust bracket. Romance is where you two get to a ‘suitable location for physical touching’ and pleasurably, but affectionately, enjoy each other. It’s as simple as that. This could mean passionately boning the heck out of each other, spanking,sucking,licking, slapping, and feasting on each others bodies. Or it can mean (depending on you, the woman, and the relationship) a private beverage and gentle make-out session. Again, it’s imperative to note that romance is not ‘exporting the woman to a seduction den’ or anything of the sort. It can be in secluded public place, her place, your place, or even (yes I have had an electric romance bracket make-out session) on a stage! In short, anywhere where you both feel physical touching and kissing is mutually cozy and enjoyable. Could be around tons of other people, just a few close friends, or just you two alone. Again, this bracket is not be looked at as the ‘reward’ for duplicitly doing the previous two brackets because all the brackets are incompatible withe disingenuous agendas. However, the romance bracket will likely be the most physically pleasurable bracket. Finally, with practice and experiences progressing through each of the three brackets with women, you will likely discover (as I have) that achieving the verification thought-phrase for the trust bracket is, at times, the most rewarding part of the entire schematic because that trust phrase (just like the other two brackets, but the trust phase is twice as significant as either Chemistry and Romance) cannot be faked and is always genuine! Good times!

Percentages of Completion

Percentages of completion may sound silly but they are crucial for two sensible reasons: the need for a measurement of progress and to avoid becoming lost in seas of romantic progress It’s useful to keep in mind those percentages of completion for numerous reasons. One is I (and many men) like progress. Men like to measure progress. Men like progress meters, to see how what they’ve accomplished, and metrics to see how much progress left is needed. Another reason it is imperative to accurately update the percentages of completion meter is because with chemistry and trust (and romance), it’s common to feel confused and repeat yourself and repeat a previous bracket. Using percentages of completion meters prevents you from re-asking introduction or weather-overly cerebral questions when trust has already been created and the rapport is steamy and sensual. We as men need a way to measure our progress in crescendoing to romance with a woman just as any musician needs sheet music to see how much of the piece is left to be played and how much has been played, or how any reader (or writer) needs chapters to precisely evaluate their progress in a book.

Verne Philleas aka ‘MinuteMan’ aka ‘J.V.T.’

Why to Abandon PUA (aka How PUA Caters to Lost, Horny, Gullible Imbeciles)

This post is about how to keep your work centered, your life successful and (if you want, although it shouldn’t be important and is not imporant at all) occasionally fuck beautiful women. This is accomplished, very simply, by abandoning and laughing at how pathetic (like so pathetic it’s deeply saddening on some level) how uselessly gullible the followers of the PUA community are. It’s also worth noting how cunning some of the PUA founders are, but that’s purely from a business-advertising POV.

Success with women is, as usual, simple but challenging. It’s not about running Tyler Durden’s nor Lovesystem’s techniques. Those manipulative wankers have found a way to make a buck, delude men into thinking they need “training” to get women, all while exploiting sex drive. From a business POV, they’re quite effective, but from a “do I need that?” POV, they’re rubbish companies.

All you need to do is a few simple (but transformative things):

  • Discipline Yourself. If you eat everything without selection, workout once in a blue mooon, don’t do yoga, and have core physiology strength, you’re well on your way to being a lost imbecile. Instead, do climbing, structure your eating and what you eat and when, do yoga to develop your core (this is your relationship with your body), and make certain work is more important than anything else in life.
  • Ignore women. Not in the “coy playing hard to get hide-and-seek” ignoring way, but rather, in the “I dont’ really care, I have many other more important focuses” way. Make that true, not just something you say. Focusing on women causes you to lose your center and then you become a graspy, desperate, idiot. Women are mostly obnoxious. The truly beautiful ones will be nifty and convenient for you to have around for sexual enjoyment and a workout (which will be beneficial and enjoyable for them as well).
  • Focus on work that’s much more valuable than women. If you don’t have a handful of very serious focuses in life that provide you with more reward than “sex” or “the best sex ever”, you will fail in life and you will fail with women. I’ve tried this. I know. I’ve made PUA the epicenter of my life; the few lays I got were unrewarding and unfulfilling; even the spectacular lays were still nothing exceptional. Media and advertising (and women and society) has deluded millions into thinking sex is some amazing magical explo-gasmic experience. It’s not. Sex with beautiful women should not be your goal; sex with a a beautiful woman is not something you gloat about nor that you tell secrets about. Sex with a beautitful woman is just some side activity that you do that’s a decent experience, but much less important your work in life. The problem with 94% of all the pua material is that the author is some horny adolescent or 20-year old who’s hormones are clouding his mind. Once you ejaculate all that time and energy and strife and “routines” and “clubbing” and wasteful spending you put into “getting laid” seems useless. It is useless. It’s disgusting to learn “routines” to fuck a female because in doing so you’re telling yourself, oh my natural core self is inadequate. Build your natural core self. Stop having sex eclipse your life. Make sex a very low-level interest and you’ll find it’s much more enjoyable and easier to experience with more attractive partners.
  • If the woman wants you to “prove your loyalty to her” drop her immediately (that’s a well-tested indicator of a headache situation built on a faulty relationship).

When I first was running routines (in 2007) and around the world, I was like “This is awesome! I’m in a zone! I can “run game”!” I eventually evolved, became cognizant that the routiens were very effective marketing delivered to gullible and horny minds, and that I was tarnishign my core and my core work in the process of “pua”. Think about the motivation behind most all PUA writing:

  • for the author to earn money selling the book or selling “boot camp classes”
  • for the author to ravenously fill some ego-void and delude others into appearing as if they know “how to get women” so they can feel more proud in life
  • to assist an undisciplined person get a desire that is unimportant

Most all the motives behind most PUA activity is rubbish.

This is a NOT a “be nice to women”, “these techinques are evil” post. I am criticizing all pua techinques because they are incredibly faulty in their design, execution, and entire foundation. You can fuck as much as you want and as many people as you want, but it’s still not a valid top-priority interest and if you make it a top-priority interest, your life crumbles and women become tormentors.

You experience joy by diminishing the significance of women, all women, in your life. Make your work, make code, make whatever you do infinitely more valuable than some silly fuck, some biological ejaculation, with some random (or some significant female).

The whole “obsessed with romance” one-itis is preposterous. A woman should be a good friend with whom you fuck. Would you go prancing around, writing rubbish poetry, doing routines that increase “attraction, comfort, and seduction” on a good friend? Fuck no! You would merely just chillax and hang-out together on occasion. A good friend is not something you “earn, run routines on”; nor is a good friend something that becomes the center of you life.

Men who say things like “this woman is so amazing; she’s the best thing that’s happened to me” are disgusting and all they reveal in saying pathetic, lost utterances like that are, simply, that they are very last and have no emotional core.

Women are used to men being hollow and lost. Many women exploit that (transforming a man into her wallet, financially), but others are just bored by men being so off-center.

If you ever find yourself feeling nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and/or having thoughts like “I must look at that woman or I must talk to that woman or must xyz with that woman” all that is merely an indicator. Those are signs. Those signs indicate something emotionally is askew with YOU. And you need to increae focus on yoru work and yourself to evolve out of those desperate barrages of negative self-dialogue. A woman should never transform your life; YOU transform your life. A woman should never be some “magically uplifting force”. As said before the best relationship is just a friend with whom you fuck. No whistles and bells, no song and dance. Focus on your core physical (like actually ab and back core) and core work and make those significant. If it’s challenging to keep your body aligned and work meaningful, more aligned and more meaningful than some sexual relationship with a female, your beliefs are off, your emotional core is askew, and you are acting like an imbecile. Focus on core and then peripheral things (and yes, a relationship with a woman IS a peripheral acquisition) will be abundant, but again, it should have little impact on you if you’re having fantastic sex with a beautiful woman or being sexually inactive. It should not be that important and toxically making “sex a joy of life” is, well, cliche, banal and an indicator of being a tool who’s nourished their emotional well-being on the toxic fodder of media hype.

So if you want to buy into the crap original PUA material, fine, but you’re setting up yourself to have a lost, wobbly emotional core. Have you seen some of the head PUA instructors (like Tyler Durden or Nick Savoy)? They’re fat. They’re overweight physically (and emotionally). They lack control in their life. PUA installs the delusional belief architecture of “I need to wate my time picking up women; and my time is so invaluable that I am going to use it to trying to have sex with women”. A sense of core is shattered, and you become one of the thousands of lost, imbeciles, deluded into thinking that he’s “on” by scoring a few fucks and running “the boyfriend killer routine” after a “successful opener” and using “DHV-spikes in stories”. Please, that’s pathetic! Those are all (admittedly well-crafted) marketing ploys by Lovesystems (and other PUA companies).

If you like PUA, all you say to me is, “I’m a gullible imbecile who has so little sense of core and finds his life so meaningless that I’m willing to deliberately try to train myself in pursuing something as trivial as sex with a woman”. Learning who is into “pua” is, therefore, helpful to me because I discover the imbeciles with whom I can avoid interacting and save myself time. I trust practically no one in life. At times, I trust my cats, but that’s about it. Basically, people who “run pua” and “score” (even if they do so successfully) are telling me that they’re a loser who has bought into well-marketed dogma that assists in their already wayward obsession with fucking females.

The centered and focused people who have made their work and their coure physiology infinitely more important than dating some woman, are alwasy the people who most easily have sex with beautiful women (but they don’t really care because, again, fucking females is not some high-priority obsession).

These are gems delivered to you for free from seductiveintelligence.com.

Wanna Know what I’ve realized is common in all these PUA techniques? Consistency of Congruency.

This is part of a values elicitation of people whom are good. They cross the full gamut, however, within this consistency. There’s non-concealment and blatantly ladies-man Casanova approach of Zan. Then a few notches down and slightly less intense is (whom I don’t care for, imho) DeAngelo’s cocky funny. Then on the other end there’s the "discreet" subtle approaches to PUA: With Mysery’s negs and sniper negs. With Ross Jeffries’ subtle trance elicitations and embedded commands peppered with weasel phrases for "easy entry". There’s the gamblers "undetectable body kino in a club" routines Robert Greene (although not technically a PUA) his seduction book would definitely place him in the deeply discreet but deeply almost grotesquely serious seduction category where he discussed sewing words of confusion and isolating the "victim" (he uses victim instead of target) and classifies various types of victims and attractors (pause). So it’s the full spectrum of practically shouting that you running PU to having it operate almost invisibly. Very different approaches and methods and techniques, but the good ones are all consistent. Zan is consistently "ladies man". Mystery is consistently subtly DHVing. Greene, if he ran pua, would consistently mastermind the opposite profile precisely playing into what his victim seeks. They’re consistent in their approach that works for them and given that you can be successful by either practically broadcasting that you’re running routines or incrementally and invisibly interjecting negs and DHV spikes, you can succeed when you find a methodology and consistent interpersonal connection that works for you. It’s all about the interpersonal connection that reflects your game (the routines you choose to run, how you say them, your tone of voice, your level of machismo, timidity, pride, or humility) all of those must be consistent and then when it consistently WORKS that’s when you’re good. And you’re only good when your methodologies (tone, choice of routines, level of bravado, etc) is congruent with your self-frame. If you feel very proud and your approach uses timidity, you’ll automatically be misperceived as incongruent. Game is gone when incongruence shines it’s ugly face. This is where consistency comes in. These guys that are consistently good, have that rhythm of success because they’re consistently congruent. Ross Jeffries would be incongruent (and inconsistent) if he started being cocky funny and deviated from his hypnosis-trancewords-embedded command approach because he meditates and his disposition is congruent with his nlp-hypnosis style. Cocky-funny on RJ would be incongruent and it wouldn’t be successful. Similarly, I bet DeAngelo with some of RJ’s trance words and meditative routines would look like a cheesy idiot, but he’s consistently good with his cocky funny approach. Clothing, another aspect of game, reflects this congruency/consistency equilibrium as well. Could you imagine Ross Jeffries in one of mystery’s peacocked hats and coats? I’ve met RJ and know him personally and he would look like a deranged idiotic fruit and it would be a massive babe-deterrent. Why? Simply because RJ in that gear is incongruent to RJ. Similarly, some of the trance techniques RJ pulls off would make a more "bravado style" PUA sound incredible creepy, but from RJ, they sound appropriate and noteworthy and even enlightening to the chick. Therefore, developing consistently good game becomes simultaneously about interpersonally knowing yourself (the matching that you must do to have congruency) and then finding game (openers, routines, voice tone, body language, demander, style, clothing, peacock items). So developing game (effective game) is simultaneously learning about whom you are. Because even if you’re the world’s greatest actor on occasion, consistent game will not arise unless theirs consistent congruency! Meaning that, quite simply, if you run a routine (say this one kiss-close I just read about — "Are you adventurous? Are you spontaneous? Her: Blah What would a kissing teacher give you on a scale of one to ten? Her: Number. Well let’s find out! Up-beat kiss. [Nervous kiss barrier broken]. and it consistently works, you just learned something about who you are or more importantly whom you project to be. Now I haven’t tried that kiss-close routine. Most all of the time I kiss-close it’s either involved in dancing (because I’ve ran marathons, done martial arts, surf, I’m a pretty kinesthetic-physical-body person, so kiss-closes in relation to dancing are congruent with me) and I don’t know if that one will work but of course I’ll try it. I think it’s fascinating that as you work on game (and field test different material) you obviously discover what works on chicks and what doesn’t, but you also discover what works WITH YOU. What routines, openers, closes, garb, tricks, techniques are congruent with you. Tyler Durden got VERY deep into this in his BluePrint where he discussed Identity, Frame, Perception of Value. His concept of "pinging" (social cues on how people perceive you) is a key concept with this consistency-congruency equilibrium. So what does this mean? It means that the best PUAs inevitably (otherwise they couldn’t’ do consistently congruent material) know themselves very well. You can learn a lot about yourself by discovering what works, too. I remember kiss-closing this girl after we kept meeting eyes over the process of three days (A LOT of body language). It was on a boat and we said hi to each other but we kept meeting our gazes and had all these strange unspoken attraction building. When I finally opened it was practically an orgasm of rapport, instantaneous rapport. But that, like kiss-closes involving dancing, are more body language. A lot of my "material" is not the more auditory I say x, she says y stuff (which most certainly works for some people), but rather is sub-communication via body language. which is what I have a high degree of congruency with. There was a period of my life where I was routines like mad and getting great responses (laughter, kino, etc) but i couldn’t close. Why? Because I wasn’t congruent. Getting IOs from incongruent material is like liking a car deal but not trusting the car dealer; it will never close. Congruency with yourself is what this post is about. There are few things I consider as important. It’s jolly good stuff.

Kissing: Heat Up Seduction

One of my greatest fears is NOT escalating. It’s easier for me (and at times it feels more natural, but at other times, certainly not). Obviouysly escalating is the hottest and most eager and at the forefront of my mind. It’s just that I KNOW not escalating can kill a relationsihp. Often, escalating too quickly can make a relationship too jump-started, too. I like the idea of kissing and making out and creating chemistry where anxiety is diminished, arousal is amplified, and escalation can (if it want’s to, which is where it gets exciting becaus with 0% anxiety, 100% trust and "theoretically" 100% arousal, escalation becomes its own entity and really takes over, having a mind of it’s own, pretty amazing, really! So what’s the outcome state where you can kick back, play a few video games, AND be in a relationship AND know that you’re totally fine (not falling behind, not overdoing, not slacking, the Goldilocks effect) with the Escalation and physical arousal department? Erika alvarez-like sex, two days a week, one of the days at least involves a formal thing (karaoke, coffee, an "outing" in other words to perpetuate romance and friendship). Indeed! Huge. Interesting! And talking about it . This is kind of an objectification fetish. But also a wanting a modicum of rapport and physical chemistry. Booya! In short, Never forget how vital kissing is. Sure, there’s the exception wher you and/or the woman want to simply do digital stimulation, oral sex, cuddling, hugging, petting, massage, sex and all of its variety of positions, role play and/or all the other myriad things, but kissing is still so important! However, kissing is vital: Male saliva has chemicals in it that physiologically, chemically arouse women. Kissing builds rapport, trust, and sensuality. Kissing targets the head and mind but activates the entire body for arousal Many women evaluate a man’s sexual grace, ease, "flavor", and abilities from a kiss. A kiss can communicate affection beyond words. A kiss can be EXTREMELY arousal and exotic with tonge flicks and lip biting and switching sides. Don’t forget the neck with kissing, very passionate and arousing. Licking and kissing ears and earlobes is also extremely arousing and creates a tingly whoosh or arousal and air for some people Overlooking kissing is like forgetting to put gas in the boat before going out on the water. (I have the weirdest analogies). Kissing is the icing on the cake and it can also be a fundamental "hidden ingredient" to a memorable sensual experience. A kiss